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More Bible reading ^^

Last night I got offline early to get some much needed sleep. Well, I had Bible reading to do first, actually. I stayed up very late reading the book Maria gave me - "The Prayer of Jabez." It was quite engaging and had a lot of good points. In particular, the fact that God wants to bless us and can do so richly if we seek Him. It gets back to the verse I chose for this year from Jeremiah chapter 2.

We turn away from the one offering us living water - water which can satisfy all thirst - in order to dig one broken cistern after another. We try to gather up waters which leaves us thirsty; but even as we do so, they leak away.

I got a cheese steak for lunch - tasty! - and worked on my Bible study homework all afternoon. I also looked up some comparative timelines for ancient civilizations. I learned that Daniel and Socrates lived at around the same time! :D I was really tired after all this, but somehow made it through class and discussion. This evening I read the next case and finished my Bible study homework. Also looked for more timelines and art history surveys. Pictures help me understand things. I learn through form and "working with" something.

And I must say that I was quite surprised to see a lot of Mesopotamian art has winged figures. Curious...

After all of this, I also came to realize how much I make sense of things through "characters." When I can associate some concept with a figure I have read about or seen in a film, I can grasp that idea much easier. That gives me a while new outlook for my future Bible reading -- taking the perspective of the person writing or experiencing the events. That is also why I am working to develop a stronger sense of period & history. Its hard for me to piece together a person without having a sense of atmosphere lurking invisibly in the background.

While I am on the topic, has anyone else ever considered the Biblical people who had to learn a foreign language?
Joseph, I assume, didn't know any Egyptian when he was sold into slavery, but learned to speak well enough that his brothers didn't recognize him. Daniel also learned a foreign language after being sent into exile. There are a few other examples, I think, but I am too sleepy to recall...
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