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Web-site project and Conference (and class)

Lots of news from Maryland this week. Much of the chaos began yesterday. But believe me, it is good chaos^^

I was walking to work Wednesday morning in the cold temperatures and planning out a study room I would love to have someday. It would be small and include a table with a glass top and a map of the ancient world laid underneath, some charts and more maps on the wall... There would also be a low table with lots of pillows nearby so one could recline and study. Probably would need to get a bookshelf or two, but various texts would be laying about the tabletop surfaces, because they would be used and studied there. The walls would be a hand-painted fresco - maybe the Minoan 'Spring' fresco or a painted version of the mosaics on the interior of Sant Apollinare Nuovo. What wonderful things you can do with an overhead projector and some paint...

Anyway, as I was thinking, I decided that since I will not have my own house for a while, - and because others may find my idea simply eccentric - I should focus on something I can actually produce. Hmm a study area... I remembered how frustrated I have been with looking for Biblical reference materials. My new study Bible has a lot, but sometimes I want resources that alert me to comparative history in a larger sense.


I could make a website for studying purposes with all that good content thrown together in a clean, quick, and appealing design. I got quite excited about this^^ I sketched out some preliminary ideas while I was at work at the library. >.>

And so, I have been swept up with this new and exciting idea! I have a basic design nearly complete. (I have been working on it for the past two evenings.) The basic jist of the site will go something like this:

*mock-up preview (with filler content)* [Edit 2/3/07]

-Old Testament and New Testament History sections each with its own main-page.
-The main-pages list the various periods along the top and all subsequent data is arranged by period.
-Each period will have the subcategories in at least the following:
1. Interactive maps of the world Civilizations at the time
2. Timeline with Biblical and world historical notation
3. People and family trees
Each of the items will be links which, when clicked, will display descriptive information in the main-frame window without opening a new window or loading a different page.

I've already tired myself out working on this and I haven't even gotten started!
I am looking forward to the day when it is done and I can look up a minor prophet, see when he lived, what the world situation was, read more about him (because I am sure I will have forgotten), and find out if he is related to anyone I recognize or to which tribe he belongs.

Ok, now that that has been introduced, what else do I have to add tonight... I studied for the management test a bit today, though my mind is a bit cluttered this week. I will study more tomorrow after work as I am packing up for the Conference this weekend.

Well, I am almost packed.

Yes, I am attending a conference this weekend with my church! :D I am looking forward to it^^ We leave immediately after class and return Sunday afternoon. In between, I have no idea what we will do... :)
Speaking of church, Bible study this week was nice. I got to use my new Bible! (I think I will get a lot of use out of it in the next few days, too^^) The passage was Jesus declaring himself to the Jews and I had a lot of questions about it. Poor Maria! I caused her to be late in picking up her son from school... But we were dealing with serious matters and I wanted to be as clear as possible. The topics of 'the work of God,' God 'our Father,' and 'life and death' are not something to rush through. Also, we shared our key verses for the year. Even though I thought I would choose two, I am limiting it to just Jeremiah. I found that there is a lot just having to do with that verse and it is easier to focus on one. 'Longing to long for God' is my theme for the year.

It got really cold today in College Park, by the way! My room was chilly when I left and stuffy warm when I returned, causing one of my posters (well, it was a map) to fall off the wall. ~__~ Because I have been wearing myself thin with late nights and hectic days, I treated myself to a foot-long cheese-steak today^^ It's the second one I have had there and probably the last one for a while, since they are so expensive. I should make the time to cook at home and eat up these eggs I have, but I get sick of eggs after a while...

And now I am really, really tired. Off to bed I go to get ready for a busy day! Let's hope I can clear all this project work out of my mind for a few days...since I will have no internet access!
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