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Israel/Judah Kings chart and other news

In preparation for the read through Chronicles:

Chart of the Kings of Israel and Judah.

The dates aren't meant to be exactly to scale, since I used simple html tables to get the effect, but I hope that the look helps give a clearer idea of who reigned for how long, when, and which prophets were active at the time. Well, I still need to add King Saul,

(As the site takes shape, all the names will be converted into hyperlinks to their biography pages... But that will be a while^^)

Yes, today I did that! I should have been more focused on my PowerPoint for management, probably. Actually, I did get a skeleton PowerPoint written up and found two promising books at the library on museum shops. I will read the one tomorrow afternoon and then decide what I need to add to my presentation. Finalization of the presentation will take place Friday and Saturday. Another week is half-way over tomorrow.

There is so much to do and every minute is precious!

I need to start thinking about next semester. I already have homework for my database class and should get back to working on Java. I got as far as loops and iterations. Next comes arrays and object-oriented programming background. Not to mention that I have lots of work on this website project, readings, Bible study grinding back into full swing, and lots of other stuff!

Hey, at least the laundry is done.
(It is all hanging to dry in my bathroom and I have to fight with it to get a shower!)
Tags: history, i chronicles, ii chronicles, web dev

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