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Watch out world - the Japan house cometh!

Yay! Just got back from break with news that we got the Japan House! Constitution Apartment A it is, and a single which comes to a cost of $4620 a year..ouch. But Ping's seems to have been indirectly injured by a fire on the second floor of that building;_; No more sushi?!

Break was good..I learned a few things:
Top Ten Facts I learned - not meant to be very funny..just to forewarn and foreappologize ^_^:
10. Never visit your old workplace - it is depressing, especially knowing they don't need you to come back for the summer...(Where am I gonna work now?!)
9. Sleet is pretty - especially from out a window in a building which recently lost all electricity in Central-Southern Pa.
8. My computer can get screenshots!!!!!! *hugs computer*
7. Never underestimate the primitive-ity of home computers...they get over heated by word and a cd program alone... *cringe*
6. Never fall in love with people with purple eyes in fantasy books or japanese women in kimonos associated with sakura killings - they are both inbred
5. We never appriciate things till they're gone: special chicken
---and we definately should appriciate new parts of old things we loved: the credits of Indiana Jones
4. My teacher says me and my brother have a quiet humor: we just sit there, but he can tell we wanna yel, "Can't you students just shut up!?!?!?"..oh, I already knew that! ^^
3. Marshall Seese is a meterologist - not a historian or writier ot whatever I thought in the middle of a game of scattergories!
2. Snow is fun, water is better, and ice is fun..and also very..slippery..never underestimate that..
1. CTF in Halo is not as good as let's say Co-op or even Slayer - I mean, it's not the same without random bots like Mattattack and Icefire

And lastly, COD is on in 20 mins, but right now a chick flick is on too and guess what everyone in my room is watching!?!?!? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! ;_; >.< ;_;

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