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A Happy Friday night

How does Megan spend Friday nights?
That's right, making new livejournal icons :D What else?
This is taken from a Byzantine mosaic at Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy. I got permission to use the image from the photographer, a professor of technology in Texas.

In other random news:
-My brother got an Irish cap this week and loves it!
-It is finally winter in DC, complete with wind and cold!
-I am back in a starburst-eating mood.
-They are restoring the creek behind my apartment building - it runs with a clear sound and reflects the lights of the buildings.
-Lacking PowerPoint is making my weekend plan unnecessarily complicated.

All right, I will succumb to sleepiness and take advantage of the Saturday morning bliss that awaits me :D
Tags: creation, lj icons

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