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Early in the morning.

I am not a morning person, and yet, my favorite time of day is dawn.

Ok, I love sleeping in, but it leaves me feeling groggy as well as angry at the sunlight that wakes me up! And so, I am setting a plan into action. In this plan, I will wake up early and get to bed in decent time. Sounds challenging!

So far this week, I woke up at 7:00 two mornings. Also, I woke up at 10:00 am one morning. Ok, ok, I give in. Last night I played Rome for six hours straight. Very disgusting :p Especially considering that Numidia owned me terribly. Dimmidi is the bane of this campaign. Well, I got their four-star general, but it took me a whole army to do it... My poor, poor men of Scipio!

Anyway, getting back to the plan. It all started Tuesday when I went to work. I woke up early and walked to work. It was a chilly morning, so I was bundled up in a warm coat. As it turns out, McKeldin Library was closed, but I didn't mind. I sat on a stone bench outside and watched the sunrise. The edge of the horizon above the Lee Building was burnt orange like flames rising over the hills. The bare trees were still, all except for the tops, which swayed back and forth in the upper breezes. Little sparrows were hopping on top of the ice-crusted snow and someone had built a small snowman and set it beside the testudo.

It's been a long time since I have been that still and felt that calm. I decided that it is important to take time from my busy schedule for this. People say that serenity makes a big difference, but I never believed them.

Somehow, I think waking up early is going to be worth it.
Psalm 5:3 [speaking] Psalm 143:8 [listening]

PS - I have the best roommate ever! She just bought me fresh Korean mochi for no apparent reason! *^__^*
Tags: creation, food, games, morning, prayer, scene

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