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Arg! I got mail. And it is for Christmas, so I can't open it. Aaaa, I know it is d. It is sitting right here and I can't open it to see. On top of that, it will be sitting here until X-Mas morning, or at least until I go home, when mom will take it from me.
In other news, it is a white day - yuki deshita yo. All night it snowed. Both my classes were cancelled for today. My Paul Hall 3d Floor friends and I ventured out into the chaos of Caladhras to get lunch and I hit Christi with the biggest snowball ever! sorry!! O:)
Now I have to do homework the rest of the day - no!! I drew some Dune and emailed Professor Khan about my Tea Ceremony paper this morning after trying to sleep in (everytime I fell asleep - my alarm, the door, or something woke me up again!). I do have to do the bio lab today, but other than that I am all right. My chemistry lab report was fine, and the weekend is approaching - yippeee!
Life is looking up, but that doesn't include reading new d.
Tags: books, drawing, friends, hope, schoolwork, weather

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