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Family time is good time^^

I have been having a lovely day!
My parents came down to celebrate my birthday. Before they arrived, though, I got up and marched off to work in the dawn chill. It was a bit colder today than it has been, but I was too excited to mind^^ At work, I took care of a few organization projects and showed my boss how to make an online image gallery with simple html and image editing. About halfway through the day, one of the ladies from Budget Office came to wish me good luck! She is so sweet! Then, my boss gave me a card and gift of Dunkin Donuts donut-holes :D The card was really nice. Nearly everyone in the whole PASD division signed it. I saw names on there of people who I had only seen in delivering mail or shared meals with during special events. It was really touching... In return, I had made a simple card and framed my boss, Lisa's name in Japanese kanji and kana. She seemed to like it and I even got a request for one from another one of the librarians ^.^ They are all such wonderful people and I am really sorry to have to leave. I hope to keep in touch with them all, though.
At 11, my parents came by to pick me up. They got to meet my boss and we had a nice chat - short though it was. ^___^ I am so lucky to be surrounded by kind people like these!

After work, my parents and I got some budget issues taken care of. Then, we stopped by the apartment to drop off some of the things they brought - potatoes, grapefruit, more birthday presents(?!), chocolate chip cookies, eggs, a new paring knife (since the handle for the one I had cracked), a new smaller spatula for my small non-stick pan, a scarf from my grandmother, and a new pair of walking shoes. We hung around the apartment a while to unpack the food and chat. I showed them my itinerary from the Bible Conference and my new calendar pages.

Then, we went to Ihop to eat. I was in the mood for pancakes... And they had an all-you-can-eat pancake special! :D We all got the special - it came with hash browns, bacon, and 2 eggs, which made for a delicious meal. I only had about 5 pancakes, but they were quite delicious. I am used to very small meals these days, so my stomach was shocked by the treat!^^ That butter pecan syrup is simply the ideal topping for pancakes... Over dinner, we talked about my work, my management class, and the books of Kings and Chronicles. My dad is always ready to share all kinds of Bible knowledge and we had fun asking him hard questions - heehee.

After we ate, we decided to walk around a little and go shopping for a cheap frame. We went to the local grocery store, thinking they might have some. They didn't, but they directed us to the next door shop, which had a variety of household goods. We looked at genuine feather dusters, colorful pillows, and many odd appliances. It was fun! I walked out of the store with a soft, fuzzy plush cow version of those iPod pillows with built in speakers. Mmm, crazy Megan^^ We didn't find any cheap frames, but it was good to walk around for a while.

Returning to the apartment, we all sat in the living room and had hot tea and a pomegranate + tea drink. I was tired! My parents gave me an additional gift for my birthday - a hat I had seen in the stores at Christmas! It had gone on sale and mom knew I had my eye on it... She is just too good to me! ^__^ Also, I got Gina's birthday gifts! Gina, thank you!! I love the Kurogane pins and tin XD Also, the New Year's Postcard is adorable with the boar picture, stickers, and stamp^^ I am overwhelmed with your kindness ^.^

After I opened presents, my family and I sat around and rested. That was a treat in and of itself. It's been a few long weeks since I could do that. :) My roommate also came out and we all chatted, also talked to Matt on the phone, for a while. We talked about my grandparents, my mom's mom, and my dad's mom. Also, we talked about my upcoming courses. For a while, I showed them the type of work I do online, what I will assist in as TA, and work on the Bible study website. So much to do! Also, I showed them my professors and we talked about them for a while. Here's hoping that my future semesters will be geeky, engaging, and exciting!

I was telling my parents at lunch that I didn't come to library school to go to tech school, but that is what has happened. I am taking a course in Java and two in database design. In the future, I will take courses on electronic documents and human-computer communication. I never thought I liked computers, but... :)

Well, after helping me to sew up my brown and grey sweaters, my parents bid me farewell for now! They said they have not encountered much traffic at all, so we are all very happy. As for me, I am showered and ready to work on html and upload some music to my mp3 player/cow. XD
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