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Children Of Dune Part 1: Dune Messiah

Ahkkkkyaaaaa - everything Dune wasn't and more! It was so great! Like the book - and Paul's eyes...*swoons* I was mesmerized by them - coulda watched just him do a two hour blind monologue...*swoons again* I wanna run up and give 'im a big *hugs!* What else can I story was pretty good and the execution was interesting. And Paul is mature and pretty and wise and on a big sun throne and torn and blind and kyaaaaa...I am excited XDXD
Dune rocks and I can't focus to do homework would ruin my "giddy as a school boy" (Indiana Jone and the Last Crusade) mood! I have some Dune icons now from various stuff and hmm I wanna make a wallpaper for my computer...
Tags: dune, injury, movies, squish
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