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Birthday delights^^

The wonderful birthday joys keep coming! It's like a heavy shower of them and I have no umbrella! Waaa! ^___^

I got cards from so many people that my desk is a beautiful array of color. From aunts, church members, grandparents, my roommate, friends in Japan, and Bible study fellowship members. :) I have tall cards, wide cards, cards with glitter bits inside, and others with hand-stamped designs! They are beautiful. Also, I got a surprise from my brother, who sent me a home-made e-card with screenshots he took while playing various video games! I was so touched that I made it my desktop wallpaper!! ^___^
Thank you to all who sent me a card, email, or birthday wishes on IM^^

When I woke up this morning, there was a small package sitting outside my door on the floor. O.o? I picked it up and opened it. A card and gift of new hair-clips from Jaeyoon my roommate! They are really pretty with red stones and marcasite :) We are going to have traditional Korean noodles for dinner to celebrate the special day and wish for long-life!

At church today, after the worship service when we gathered for group prayer and fellowship, they surprised me with a birthday cake!! Maria's daughter, Joy, picked it out for me^^ (She is maybe 5 years old?) It was delicious mocha flavor, as creamy as ice cream. We all enjoyed it^^ They even put candles and sang happy birthday! They are too sweet. Sarah and Maria both gave me gifts - a new wallet and a white board calendar, respectively. The new wallet is so pretty. It is made of fabric with bright colors. I needed a new wallet for years and years, so this was a perfect gift! Also, the white-board will be quite handy these busy days.

[Edit: 9:15pm]
My roommate returned from church at 7:00 today, which left me enough time to nap for an hour or two. (^_^) She cooked some seafood dinner for the two of us! It was a spicy soup with kimuchi, octopus, muscle, and other ingredients. She put it on rice and then we ate. It was delicious^^ We also ate rice-cakes with red beans and that powdery coating, as well as rich hot chocolate. We had a very nice dinner and I am quite full^^ How did I get such a nice roommate like Jaeyoon? ^__^ I thank God for working that out!! Now we must both work hard to succeed this semester! Yosh'!

By the way, I had a bag of potatoes and they exploded! O_o! I opened the cupboard and my rice & curry mix were sopping wet. I looked and there was brown stinky water all over! Yuck. I threw them out and then saw my bag of potatoes, leaking dark water and foaming. Gross... I never heard of this before. Anyway, that was another adventure for the day! :D
[/end edit]

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such caring people ^__^

Also, last but not least is a reliving of the New Year's birthday celebration with Joe as the honorable cake-cutter! Hooray! The blue monster cake was the funniest cake ever.
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