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Bible History Project Updates!

It's your friend Centurion Cornelius back with updates on the progress of the Bible History Reference Resource. Much has been accomplished, in accordance with the Roman demands for excellence. We owe our tribute to Captain Dave of the Scythia division (aka my dad!^^) who has supplied us with intelligence information on these ancient figures!
-Biographies from Adam-Noah complete
-Biographies linked to the "Family Line" Diagrams (with the power of image maps!)

[Edit: My father and I adjusted the break down of the time-periods. We cut off the first period at Job and are calling it the Early Period (Pre-Abrahamic Covenant). This means that we are over half-way done with the first period of history! Yay!]

Upcoming goals:
-Complete biographies and family trees
-Fix the alphabetical listing function (an easy fix, but I am lazy)
-Begin work on the historical component (world cultural trends, timelines)
Tags: history, web dev

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