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Birthday wishes^^

Happy Birthday, lemur_cat!
I wanted to send you a card, but I couldn' instead I made you some icons! :) I know they aren't very good, but they amused me. Memories of such fun times!

Hello! Kitty is not scared off by the enemy's sword. The careless samurai might get trampled, though. Wow, we took way too many pictures that night^^

Oh my, it is the return of Radish man! :O Whatever shall we do?!

You are a super-shinsengumi at Mibudera! I wonder if those Japanese guys still remember us crazy Americans? I still can't believe we dressed up and ran around Mibudera^^ That was so cool and geeky!

Sorry if I am late for your birthday, what with Japanese/American time. Take care and hope these silly little icons bring a smile to your face! :D

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