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Fun news, books, icons, and more

I could run through a list of what I did the past few days, but instead I am going to pick out some highlights.

My father's sermon on I Chronicles was really fun! He talked about books and genealogies. I would recommend listening to it, just because it was such a unique topic for a sermon:
Did you know that there is a book with your name on it? I didn't O.o;

The same day, I met with the pastor of the church I attend here in MD. We had a really nice chat. He asked about my school and my family and told me that they would pray for me at the morning prayer meetings. It is really nice knowing that my fathers and mothers in the faith are praying for me! In addition, Pastor Jacob told me that I have some things in common with Timothy. I must study the book of II Timothy...

During the past two days, I worked on homework, key verse reflections, and new icons. The homework is slow going and sometimes feels like wading through a swamp. I shouldn't be surprised! Some of the homework, though (well, Java and some Info Structure reading) is really exciting! Is it possible that I actually look forward to homework? :)

The key verse reflection writing dug a lot into my past and it was quite draining. I tend to forget who I was and it is pretty scary to look back... On the other hand, I kind of write it off like it isn't important now that it has passed. I stumbled upon one memory that can be used to sum up the way I was living my life:

"I remember one day plucking a white flower bud from a rose arrangement and bottling it in a miniature glass jar I had. I stuck the cork on tight. I was going to tick it away for later and then remember this day.
A memory, time frozen by man.
I found it many years later and the bottle was full of mold. The grey fuzz was filling up the glass. I dropped the bottle in shock, missing a heartbeat. Shaken and disturbed, I put the box away and washed my hands, not once but twice, in case there were some poison there. Something of my glass world shook. I rocked and tipped about unsteadily, but I did not change."

Well, working on the reflection (the people here call it a testimony) was good, but I am too ashamed to share it at the Bible study this Friday. I think there are some things we are meant to keep to ourselves and remember, but that need not be broadcast to the entire world. So, I think I will work on another testimony based on the passage we studied Wednesday.

So, now that leaves me to mention the last thing I did today: make some icons. I seem to have a theme of Minoan Crete and Biblical Figures overtaking my icons!^^ Here we have a set from a Cretan Palace (Crete/Thera is the possible location of Atlantis!) and some from the famous Sistene Chapel. There's Daniel, a Sybil, Isaiah, and another Sybil. (Ok, two of these are not new, but I wanted to post them because it shows how varied the Minoan style of fresco is. These are, by the way, from a time that predates or ran concurrent to the Exodus.)

By the way, I forget if I posted about the nice birthday presents I got over the weekend. If I forgot, here goes!
My aunt sent me a card with a picture of a crazy library/bookstore with more books than should be squeezed into one tiny space... It was really funny^^ She also got me a T-shirt with pictures of sushi on it! :D How fun! I can't wait to wear it!
And I also got another package...a very mysterious one from New York with no documentation...
I opened it curiously and found a CD inside? A recording of Holst's The Planets and Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (the song that plays in Master and Commander after the sailor falls from the mast and Hollom is standing by). Oh, the music is wonderful! There is nothing like a good song to conjure up artwork in the mind with such ease. Only a man of fine taste would send me such a gift ^___~ Thank you, Joe! :D
My favorite song is Jupiter, though as I am listening to Neptune, I am wondering if that is where the FoA (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis) theme music got its inspiration! I enjoy listening to that and thinking about my Atlantis characters, or at least, the Atlantean architecture in the video game. I suppose it inspired me to make the Minoan icons, too^^
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