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Days pass by days

It has been very busy the past few days, which is surely apparent by the lack of livejournal postings. Currently it is snowing and I am in my apartment as a result of the college's closing at 2:00pm. At least I got Chinese food and tasty white rice before that happened!!

Sunday I got yet another birthday present! Wow! I have been celebrating since December 30th :) A friend at church, Toyin, got me some lotions. It was so thoughtful of her^^ She got me the cutest card, too! The lotion smells nice and will be great for my hands, which are a bit rough from the winter weather. I can never use this kind of stuff while at home because my family is very sensitive to chemicals and odors. My dad can't even buy my mom perfume for Valentine's Day! ;_; So I will have to enjoy the scented lotion while I am here on campus^^

Speaking of my parents, they came down to College Park yesterday! ^__^ We fixed some problems with paperwork and finances and then attended a meeting in the evening. The best part was having Bible study together! I dragged them along to my Monday Bible study to learn about the dream King Nebuchadnezzar had of a great figure with a head of gold, a chest of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, and legs of iron that were destroyed by a stone cut not with human hands. Well, dad knew all about it already because he preached on it a few months ago, but... :) It was a lot of fun! My friends at Search The Scriptures are so great^^

Today I met with my group for the Musical Instruments Database project before the icy snow began. I think I will work on homework tonight and maybe read for Bible study tomorrow. I have all kinds of goodies to keep me focused - muffins, chocolate cookies with caramel morsels, grapefruit, and Valentine's Day Chocolates from my grandparents! XD Yay!!
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