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Nostalgic journal reading

I was wandering through old posts and found some interesting little bits and pieces...

How fickle is the mind. I am a human date-book doing nothing but keeping track of dates and keeping harmony between myself and factors such as weather, people, and work. That's

It is frustrating being a student who goes from term to term, year to year doing nothing but learning and forgetting. No wonder it can be so tiring.

joy: as if everyday were the first - thankfulness: as if everyday were the last

A simple but curious line from a private post a year or two ago.

Pooled dripping of light
Upon this reflective floor
Tabi and haori

From my Noh class. Do my fellow classmates remember those days? How I miss the tap of the professor's fan on my shoulder when I was mistaken in my steps and the cheer from the chorus when a dancing team completed a step correctly before class even began!

At work I got a present! ^^ And I spent 3 hours "in the bowels" of the library attaching label holders to bins for old journals. It was fun, though I got tired of listening to myself hum for 3 hrs...and whenever I am down there I get really sleepy and lightheaded.

I miss being a student worker. Professionalism is not my cup of kocha. I wonder how my old bosses at Gettysburg are doing. What I wouldn't give to work there for them again. They are like family to me.

I walked into the Asian Studies office and a few mins later, Shen Laoshi and Li Laoshi came as well. I looked over, not wanting to interrupt them, but glad that I wasn't all alone anymore; and Li Laoshi exclaims: Mai Mi Lin! (I really love my Chinese name XD teehee)
Anyway, Li Laoshi has gotten over his illness and seems genki again - he chatted with me a while whiling eating a donut. For some reason, there were 3 boxes of donuts in the Asian Studies Suite...I was offered one but I'd just eaten lunch... Anyway, guess where Li laoshi is from? 20 mins outside the University of Maryland!! wai! He told me some about it before he went to find lunch and I am again excited about it. Maybe it won't be so bad afterall. I hope Li Laoshi can give me hints on getting around the area - since it is a big city O_o;;

I had no idea what it would be like here. Ironically, I haven't once got in touch with Li laoshi about traveling around the area. I wonder how he and the rest of the gang are doing back at Breidenbaugh Hall? I wonder what they would all say if they spent a day with me and saw how I run my schedule! I have changed a lot in just a few months.

Someone said once: "Making things is fraught with terror..."

Was this a Dune quote? I think it must be.
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