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Thursday of study, reflection, rest

Well, today I have been feeling a bit off. I am not hungry and I feel all oozy. It's nothing bad to complain about, but it is a bit distracting. Thankfully, I don't have a lot of homework this week! And grading, for the most part, is complete. I just need to maintain focus for the rest of the weekend and get all of this stuff done. I found that I was very productive when all my stuffed animals came to give me moral support and sit on my head or my shoulder^^ Lobby!

While I did some homework, I also poked at my Atlantis story and did a lot of thinking. Nothing that gave me ideas for my reflection tomorrow evening, though. It gave me time to listen to all kinds of fun music...Delerium's Terra Firma, Vast's Here, and a bunch of miscellaneous Dj Doboy remixes. Currently I am chatting with my parents online and glancing over at my Java textbook...I should get back to work!
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