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Snow - a matter of culture

Well, this place still baffles me, even after living here for a few months. When I see snow piled on the ground or covering the lawns, I say to myself, "Well, now, this looks like winter!" :p The people here say: "Because it has been cold, it hasn't melted yet."

The first time I heard that, I thought they meant that it was not warm enough to melt the last of the snow from the paved surfaces to make driving paths clear. But when I heard it repeated, I discovered that they meant all the snow was expected to have melted by now. Huh? But the snow is supposed to sit around on the ground from December 'till April, right? Winter is white, isn't it? I guess not here!^^ From what I can gather, the presence of snow for more than a few days is a weird thing. It's very confusing to one who is used to seeing snow during winter...

Either way, Pennsylvanians and Marylanders can all still have fun sliding on the ice XD

Now that I know that the McKeldin lawn is a big sheet of snow-ice, I am so very tempted to run around on it for no reason. No, I must exert self-control (and self respect, for that matter) and keep to my Java studies tomorrow! ... :p
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