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Thru The Bible

I worked up a table of our progress Thru The Bible! I put it behind the cut because it is a little big. An HTML written summary and the original audio files are linked to each. Feel free to check out the summaries and if it sounds interesting, the streaming audio files are there! :)

All outlines are in html format.
All audio files are streaming and run between 20-40 minutes.

Date Book Title Outline Audio File
2/11/07 Nehemiah Joy to Overcome Outline Putfile Audio
2/4/07 Ezra --- --- ---
1/28/07 II Chronicles Through Obedience, go for the Gold Outline Putfile Audio
1/21/07 I Chronicles The Books of our Lives/The Book of Life Outline Putfile Audio
1/14/07 II Kings On Forgiveness Outline Putfile Audio
1/7/07 I Kings Solomon's Prayer Outline Putfile Audio
11/26/06 II Samuel God's Will of Reconciliation Outline Putfile Audio
11/19/06 I Samuel Hearing, Responding to God Outline Putfile Audio
11/5/06 Ruth Woman with a Beautiful Heart Outline Putfile Audio
10/29/06 Judges A Beautiful Verse Outline Putfile Audio
10/22/06 Joshua Winning the Peace Outline Putfile Audio
10/15/06 Deuteronomy Show us the Heart Outline Pt 1/ Pt 2
10/8/06 Numbers Generation Gap Outline Putfile Audio
10/1/06 Leviticus The Holy, Loving God of Israel Outline Putfile Audio
9/24/06 Exodus Bargains of Slavery Outline Putfile Audio
9/17/06 Genesis The word of God Outline Putfile Audio

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