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Tuesday class and happenings

Today has been an interesting day!
It started off at 7:00am.
I woke up, and then went back to sleep.
I officially woke up at 9:30am and got started. I finished the grading for my class and went through email. I also talked to my dad about the church and our current programs. I told him to tell everyone I say hi and ask if they want to help out on the Bible history project. Also, I feel it might be fun if some of those interested would pick a Book they are curious about or like and study that intensively with a couple other people as a sort of hobby! Hey, it beats TV! :) I told dad that I would study Leviticus, but that no one would ever join me in that Book... O.o;

Also, I got some amazing news. My father has been talking about getting a laptop for a long time now, but we just don't have the money to get my and my brother through school, let alone consider buying expensive hardware. Well, an acquaintance of my father came into some money recently, and knowing my father's wish, ordered him a laptop! It was completely unbidden and took us all by surprise. This is the kind of thing you hear about in movies, isn't it? So we are all very thankful and mindful of the grace that comes out of a spirit of love from our Father and his children^^

Between 2:00-9:00 I had lecture class with Dr. Soergel. While the day seemed long, the lectures were helpful. I now understand conceptual schemas and database tables a lot better. I still am not sure how to apply this to our group database, though...
In between classes, I had a nice chat with a classmate! I learned a lot about Israel and tomorrow he offered to show me his photos! I am really excited :) It's the closest I will get to visiting the Holy Land for, well, a while at least. Before this, though, we have to work on our database project. I also need to start my Java application and finish the other homework I have due. Hooray for Java!

There is so much to do these days!

Ah and a big Happy Birthday to my roommate Jae-yoon! :) She's gone to bed early to prepare for tomorrow and I should, too, I guess! I wonder if it will still be raining tomorrow?

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