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Java App!

I finished my Java application this morning!
It is not that long - only ten pages of code, including tons of comments where I was typing out the instructions when I got confused. We had to print out an arithmetic mean, a pyramid of (+) and then create some classes so as to print out course rosters and student schedules.

My First Program Output:

The arithmetic mean of this array of 10 numbers is 5.5


Minoan Frescoes: Captain Nemo, Indiana Jones, Paul Muad'Dib, Rene Belloq
Agriculture: Captain Nemo, Indiana Jones, Frodo Baggins, Rene Belloq
Track and Field: Indiana Jones
Logic: Paul Muad'Dib
Hebrew: Rene Belloq

Students Taking 3+ classes and an Independent Study

Indiana Jones: Minoan Frescoes, Agriculture, Track and Field
Paul Muad'Dib: Minoan Frescoes, Logic
Rene Belloq: Minoan Frescoes, Agriculture, Hebrew

I am so relieved it works! I had so much trouble with the multiple ArrayLists (one in the main class and more for the Student and Course classes). Also, retrieving methods from the classes within two layers of for-loops was tricky. At least the part about naming the students and courses was fun. Anyone get the jokes that go with some of these matches? ^__~ Frodo made all his classmates join Agriculture class! And Belloq needs to study his Hebrew. Minoan Frescoes is just for fun! Well, Captain Nemo takes it seriously, but...

I spent the rest of the day catching up on chores I needed to do (laundry, correspondence, cleaning) and had Bible study. I learned what it means to eat the Bread of Life! John chapter 6 talks all about it if you are curious :)

Tomorrow I have the dark loads of laundry to do, homework assignments for 670, and in the evening Bible study reflection sharing. There's no Siloam meeting, though. That gives me another week to cram for the trivia on the Kings of the United/Divided Kingdoms... Or I could catch up to my church by reading Esther! I finished Ezra and Nehemiah -- they really have a familiar tone to them. They sound like they could have been written only a hundred years ago, if even that. Very simple, down-to-earth flavor.

I am going to much on my peanut bar and contemplate all that I need to get straightened out before going to bed. Oh yeah, all my unfolded laundry is there on my bed!
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