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Frodo nooooooooo!

Nobody is allowed to have the 1337 plushie Frodo except his patron - me! I set a kekkai around him or something and post sentries at the door!!!! I will be more protective than Sauron of his prize! Anyway, it was a fun discussion earlier as well as an enjoyable showing of LOTR from Rivendell on, even without the goodness of getting stills....Oh decorating and organizing and being artistic are fun! Just watch out Constitution Appartments! We will endow thee with many bonzai's planted in dings and wallscrolls on everywall! muahaha! Cool beans is as Cool dings, ne?
--and it is also possible that I converted another soul to the of reading Dune! It is not easy to geth through but I thought itwas worth it! It is only a torment to my brother who has no time for reading about spice essance and seeing the future and poli-sci! Dune really is a great book!!! Yay! Go read it!
Zyaa, Mata! (...or mentat?)
Tags: art, books, interests, movies, squish, stuffed animals

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