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Search the Scriptures web site and news

I have been waiting for this day for two months! My Bible study now has an informative web-site!


Now, for Bible study tomorrow, we were asked to come with an answer to a trivia.
The question is:
"In studying the book of Daniel, we have come to an interesting chapter (4) written by Nebuchadnezzar himself. It is about a painful process God used to reach that man.
God tried to reach another man in the Bible in a similar situation with (somewhat) similar means with a very different outcome (can you guess who it is?) Putting these two cases side-by-side will show us a fascinating and more complete picture of God's dealing with people and their responses."

For some reason I keep thinking of King Saul. He was rather out of his mind, too. Unlike Nebuchadnezzar, he never humbled himself and died in a very sad, gruesome manner... I have a feeling it is not King Saul, though. I think I am just still stuck on him since last Friday's quiz night.
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