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Waa! Chaotic situation continues

So, what have I not caught livejournal up on in the past few days:

-Sunday, my roommate Jae came to church with me! It was fun!
-Monday, I heard about a church mission trip and signed up to go!
-Tuesday (today) I had my database class and 670, handed in a semantic network map, my term paper proposal, got homemade cookies from my church in the mail^^, finished grading, revised the database instruments entities, ran after the bus and missed it by about 20 paces at 9:00 pm, ate Chinese chow mein for lunch at 1:30 pm, was inspired by 670 to render the Bible History site as an XML rather than HTML site. This means establishing a consistent template with structured data that I can later sort, search, and display in sophisticated ways. I heard XSLT is one of the most complex kinds of programming, though. I should know, since I had a taste of working with it...

Anyway, about the mission trip. I will be helping with the people who are responsible for this site We are traveling to Alabama and my Bible study teacher, Craig Shakarji, will be teaching a session. I am really excited! It was a spur of the moment decision, but I felt I should take advantage of the opportunity. I have never done anything like this before...

It is funny, 'cause I felt the same way I did when I told my parents I wanted to go overseas [to Croatia]. On that occasion, I was 16 and came home with a contact name and number from school. I told mom, "I think I wanna go overseas"! My mom was just kind of shocked.
So Monday afternoon I called my mom and said, "So, I might go on this trip to Alabama...ummm..." My poor mom! At least she has a good sense of humor!
I will be going during the first half of my Spring break. The second half I will be going home! :D Hooooray!

Now I need to get ready for another day!
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