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Travel Quotes

"The true value of travel was not in strenuous sightseeing - it was in opening one's heart to feeling." -Laurence Sterne

The most amazing changes can take place in a person through travel. And the strangest part is that they happen without you even being aware of it! Of all the sites I saw in Japan and all the heartache of Croatia, there is something more than all of these that I come out with from those years.
I always thought travel was like an epic story. Once you go, from start to finish it would be one adventure after another. In a way, this is true. At the same time, travel is nothing more than shifting your position to a different framework, a different set of rules. I was shocked when I discovered that study abroad was no more than the life of a student in a different spot with increased challenges. Of course, if you can appreciate the culture, it opens up a world of opportunity and treasures to discover! Then, you can truly stretch your imagination to take in the art of it. Then you can experience more than one lifetime's worth of stories.

"Only on a true return could you find that you'd never left" -Splashdown

In the end, though, I often end up right back where I began! All that I learned could have been found at home. I am the type that needs to take the round-about-way, the long path, to see what is right before me. I need to get involved; and, at the same time, take a step back before things become clear.

Travel is a mighty thing.
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