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I slept in today because I still don't feel right. I think my hasty eating habits and schedule are catching up to me. Anyway, this afternoon over maccha ice cream, Jae asked me if I had had any strange dreams lately. Apparently I have shown up in hers for the past two nights, warning her of a spooky old woman figure who stands over us like a ghost. o_O; I am not sure why I am the one warning her and I am not sure why this apparition is harassing us, but it makes me really curious...

I've been studying for the 670 midterm by rereading through the course lecture notes. I haven't gotten up to the course readings yet, which may be a very bad sign. I guess I have tomorrow, too, but I also have regular homework due this week. I have also been answering a bunch of questions on the 690 homework today. I forgot just how hard the material is. Well, actually I didn't forget, but I sort of put it out of my mind. I am trying to help as much as I can, but even I get tangled up in it! The experience is still kind of fun. I think to myself, maybe I would like teaching?... Only, I am no judge - I cannot grade well. It takes me forever because I become absorbed with empathy. Still, people stare at me when I tell them I am in library school but am not good at reading books. I am such a slow reader and only ever want to read the same stories over and over^^ I am not in it for the books. I am in it for the uhh..well, actually I am in it for the repetitive cataloging tasks that give me an excuse to look at picture books and classics!

Every month I come closer to graduating and I sometimes feel bad that I am not interning anywhere. I was told that internships in librarianship are the key to getting hired. Also, I heard there is a desperate search for Asian catalogers. But, I forget all my Japanese! Let me say, though, that when my Bible teacher snuck up on me and Mike last Monday I did exclaim ビックリしたんだ! But what about Information architecture and web design? My roommate Jae asked me to pray for guidance for her, since this time will determine the rest of her life. I think all us students could agree with this. Such a fine balance and will I walk the path prepared for me?

Recently, the urge to go into mission/church work has popped up unbidden in my mind. Then I remember a number of things. First, I am very under-educated. How could I presume to think that I can teach people? I am the one who is a student :p Second, I cannot argue well. I am still not built up enough to support myself, let alone others. Third, women don't run off into mission work by themselves. Fourth, I don't want to stick around College Park, but how can I get involved? How do these people get so involved?! So, after not being able to tackle these questions, I then go back to my usual thought pattern - what homework do I have again? :p

I always make things more complicated than they need to be.

By the way, Dj Doboy Vocal edition 21 begins in the most amazing way. I kept sinking into it and then had to laugh - it's so beautiful! It feels very Persian.

This is what it is like to be in my shoes (well, socks) on a Friday afternoon here at University of Maryland. Off I go to prepare for the Fellowship and Siloam Meetings!! I want to bring cookies for the group tonight, since I have an overflow of them from my church! Ironic...cookies from a church and I will share them with another church ^__^ Maria and her husband Luke (both from Korea), Phillip (from Georgia) and his wife Sarah (from China), and the trio who are my age - Sarah L., Paul, and Augustine - all seem like they could use some cookies! And of course, I will take any chance I can get for cookies.
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