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Personal Meta Meme

Created by olifhar
Also tagged by the same!

This is a meme that takes a look at how you relate to people in your life, both close and distant. You will do this by identifying people by how often you communicate with them, and then by listing a few things you talk about when you are together or in touch. This basic principle of this meme is to attach meta information to people you know regarding your mutual interests (or, if you like, mutual disinterests.)


Pick people in each frequency category based on how often you see or with whom communicate (at least somewhat meaningfully). Try to choose the amount of people as listed below.

I. On a Regular Basis (5 people)
II. Not So Often (5 people)
III. Very Rarely or "Not Enough" (1 person)

For each, list their name, and up to seven things you will talk about when you are together or in touch. (Use your interests list for inspiration if you'd like.) While keeping them sorted into categories, order the people and the things you talk about in any way that is meaningful to you.

If you've been asked to fill out this meme by someone who's listed you in theirs, write down what you've been tagged with.

Lastly, ask five other people you know (with blogs or whatever) to fill out their own versions.

Perhaps filling this out will give you some insight into what you share with the people you know, what they may have in common, and anything you'd like to change (or keep the same) with these people you've examined. Have fun!


Megan's List

I. On a Regular Basis

Mom (Pennsylvania)
tags: daily events, prayer, family, health tips, thanksgiving, Biblical guidance

Dad (Pennsylvania)
tags: daily events, Bible study, "real culture" (aka Bugs Bunny, banjos, etc), literature, history, film

Claire (Florida)
tags: manga, writing, reading, tv, school, anime conventions

Joe (Missouri)
tags: foreign language, arts, games, family, work, personality, church

Maria (Maryland)
tags: church, daily events, testimony sharing, prayer, nursing

II. Not So Often

Jae (Korea)
tags: dreams, Asian food, homework, church, friends, Korea, study abroad

Kim (Maryland)
tags: comics/manga, literature, school, inter-personal relationships, cooking, museums, libraries

Matt (Pennsylvania)
tags: Java, computer games, literature, nerd-stuff, film, music

Grandparents (Pennsylvania)
tags: news, school, weather, cats, celebrations, dogs, the past

Origa (Michigan)
tags: haiku, haiga, nature, arts, painting, poetry

III. Very Rarely

Marilyn (Arizona)
tags: Japanese language, Sight-seeing, France, Chinese, future plans, mutual experiences


Now, I go and tag: hououji_fuu, clarissimvs, lemur_cat, shynessislife, trinity3kim
Tags: meme

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