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Testimony Sharing and Job

This episode from church was so hilarious!

It was during the announcements at the end of the service. Pastor Jacob got up to discuss news and events, which included the upcoming Spring Symposium next Sunday afternoon. Nine students from one-on-one Bible study will be sharing testimonies/reflections on what they have learned or how they have changed. This number includes me. I have been working on mine for John chapter 3, specifically John 3:16. Well, suddenly, Pastor Jacob starts reading a list of testimony assignments! The water to wine passage for someone, the third chapter for someone else, Genesis 1 for another. All of us students craned our necks and said,
"Well, errr, I actually wanted to do this!"
"Umm, I started this passage!"
"I will switch someone for that passage!"
Maria piped up for me and said, "Megan is doing chapter 3 on Nicodemus!"
But by that time Leo had exchanged chapter 3 of John with the fellow sitting in front of him! :p I told Maria not to worry, since I enjoy testimony writing and studying John 3:16 was really good for me. She felt bad and told me that I could share this Friday in place of a write up on John chapter 9 (my Bible study topic for this week). Then David came and offered to help work something out but I laughed and assured them I was happy with this amusing turn of events XD David said, "Ah, well, it will be a double-blessing!" Indeed!

So this afternoon I sat out in the sun and warm breeze, working on my testimony for John 4, the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well, on my way to Hornbake. There is a lot to share, to be sure. Who can exhaust the Scriptures? Who but God can unravel them to men? So with some prayer and work, we shall see how it goes! :) I am excited! Hooray!

This afternoon/evening I did work at Hornbake while on duty as tutor. I also read half of Job. The poetry is really something, after the books of history. It is quite deep and I feel like a criminal for reading it straight through. Must catch up to my home church...well, actually I give up on that for now. No way I can get through Psalms anytime soon with my Bible study schedule and Mission plans here! I will get back to it, though. Perhaps I will take Psalms as my daily bread and then move on to Proverbs! King Solomon!

I just had a really nice talk with my roommate over Asian pears and a peach. We talked about dreams again, then her dream wedding! Also talked about my church and how all of the people have the same last names (Kim, Lee, ...). She said there are not many different last names in Korea, so this is part of the cause for my confusion. Also, many of the people are related but I am not sure how... Hmmmm. Oh well, as long as we have fun in church and fellowship meetings, I suppose it doesn't matter much!

Why am I graduating so soon?! I just sent in my course registration for my last two semesters - summer and fall! So scary... After this, no more homework? You mean I can read Job again at a slower pace someday? :O
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