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Monday school

This morning I got to Bible study early, so I read more of Job. I just got to Elihu's speech when I hear "I like that book you're reading!" Ah! My Bible study teacher! He asked if I wanted to go help with getting lunch, but I was really caught up in reading. Before I could tell him so, he said, "No, I won't interrupt you from reading the word!" :p So while he stood in line, I kept reading!

For Bible study today, Craig got sandwiches! I really wanted to try the pumpernickel bread-sandwich, but since the guys were afraid of the mayonnaise, I had the roast beef with mayonnaise. Though, as it turns out, I believe it was horseradish! Tasty!! We ate that and discussed Daniel 5, talking a lot about justice.

The three times we see the hand of God writing all show us Justice. It's a perfect justice standard that we alone cannot meet. Thank God that Jesus, the one given authority to judge, will spare those who trust and obey him! (John 8 presents this very clearly)

God wrote The Law
The writing on the wall
Jesus wrote in the dirt on the ground in John 8

"Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting."

After this, I went to Java class and worked more on my GUI. My second GUI (Graphical User Interface) actually could process text and the buttons changed the label color. Event handlers and check boxes are a tricky business. It is fun, though!

After this, I ate dinner and read some about databases. (I need to finish this reading of 100 pages by 2:00 pm tomorrow. Uwaaa!) I made an appearance in the comp sci class this evening, but only long enough to take questions and the attendance sheet. Once getting home, I finished working on my portion of SQL tables and emailed them just now. I also made a homepage for my computer with all the links I frequently use.

Now I am going to see what homework and chores I can get done before I get sleepy.
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