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Like a flailing beetle

Yesterday it was very warm outside. Being warm, God stirs up the creatures to life - birds, daffodils, and, yes, beetles.

In class last afternoon, I sat entranced by a beetle. At first I thought it was an ugly bug or, worse yet, a spider! I thought about smashing it with my shoe, but I held back because I didn't want to get my shoe all icky. As I watched it, though, I realized that it was just a cute, little black beetle. Every so often it tried to fly, but only managed to flip itself upside-down. Then, it would flail and flail about until it managed to get turned right-side up onto it's six legs again. It repeated this many times, and I felt kind of bad for it.

I would look up to the professor every so often to assure him that I was listening, but I kept watching the bug... After a long while, the thought came to me: This is how I looked this morning as I fought with my computer, frantic to edit and print the homework before class time. I was also flailing about, shaking my fist at the computer and snapping at it :p I am also as helpless as this bug, in my own context as it in its context. Thankfully, through Grace I am not squished! ^__^

It's amazing how Christians are given the responsibility of God's work -a work of peace and of power. It's so easy to take this for granted. But it is the Will of God for Salvation and should be faced with all seriousness and all thankful joy :D Thank God that I am led by such faithful teachers who are willing to support me, encourage me, guide and pray for me. I have so many unseen struggles. This morning was one in and of itself. There is light at the end of the clouds, though: Job 1, 42; John 8:1-11,12. I just pray for clear eyes.
Tags: anxiety, christian, creation, scene

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