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The other day I was browsing a page about Biblical women and stumbled upon a figure I never noticed before in my reading. Her name is Jehosheba. Since reading about her, I have become quite intrigued into her story. Her position was a really honorable one, but she lived at a chaotic time and it sounds like her life must have been rather stressful, to say the least. It seems that not many others know about her, but she does show up in an obscure 17th century play. So, between reading about databases, grading webpages, and studying GUIs I read bits of the French play called Athalie in English (since I can't remember any of my French).

I will post more about Jehosheba later, but she is easy to find in the Bible (keyword search in BibleGateway) because she is only mentioned twice. Her name sometimes appears in its alternate form: Jehoshabeath.
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