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Back from break

I don't have time to post much, but I am back from break! It seemed far too fast, and I don't even have time to reflect on it at the moment. I have charted out the work that is due within the next three weeks and I am thoroughly distressed. I have suffered a lot of homework in the past, but my schedule for the next three weeks is simply ridiculous.

-Chapter 12
-Chapter 13
-Chapter 14
-Program Project 2
-Program Project 3
-Final Project Working Prototype
-Final Project Report

-Create Table Statements with SQL
-Enter sample Data with SQL Insert Statements
-Display and print all Tables and Data
-Create Table Input Views
-Create Table Reports
-Define Table Queries
-Chapter 5
-Chapter 6
-Chapter 14
-Appendix J
-Appendix I
-Appendix G

-Homework 10
-Homework 8
-Homework 9
-Homework 11
-Homework 12
-Final Paper First Draft
-Class Readings

690 (TA class work)
-Email homework 3 grades and comments
-Grade midterms together with the professor
-Attend lab Monday night
-Prepare JavaScript lab for April


Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”"

I take it this is a test in faith! One requiring perseverance, strength, will, patience, and hope. I must take a deep breath and get to work. Today's sermon was on Thanksgiving. Also that complaining is the most dangerous sin... Though my enemies (my homework) surround me like an army, I shall not fear...I will try not to. o_O

In other news, spring break was fun and uplifting! I got to wash cars and support many Christians in their spreading of the good news in Alabama. Also, I went home and filled up on cheesecake and Chinese food :D
Tags: christian, mission trip, schoolwork

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