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Work and weirdness

This morning I woke up early to get started on work. It was a good thing, too! The sun didn't exactly dawn, but I saw the hot white rim reach past the mist around 10:00.

Bible study was surreal. I had this feeling as if people were in and out of character. Maybe it is because I still feel like I am on the Alabama trip. Or maybe it is because the seating arrangement was different. Or, it could be because we had some new faces to the table. Whatever it was, I ran out of the room forgetting my cookies.
In Java class, it got even worse. I am not sure if my eyes were heavy out of weariness or illness, but I could not focus and I did not understand File I/O at all. I sat during the in-class exercise as if I were in a trance. Eventually, I looked at enough examples and got help from classmates, so I think I have it figured out to some degree. Ironically, the same classmate who helped me also attended Kansai Gaidai! Small world :p
I was a bit more coherent in this evenings class as I helped with SQL, but I was itching to go home. I had midterms to print, staple, sort, and other work to see done before tomorrow's 8:30-10:00 am grading session. From 11-1:00 I have a small groups meeting to catalog some materials. Then database class from 2-5:00 and regular 670 from 7-9:00. Wow.

Well, at least after tomorrow I won't have to keep all these little details pinned onto my short-term memory! I must say, the days are rather tedious. Seems like I am picking at little wheat shoots at the very edge of a field. Even though it seems pointless, I am reminded of Luke 16:10 -

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much"
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