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Still, もう

Day by day!
Today consisted of grading, small groups 1 for 670, 793 database class, 793 & 670 reading, and 670 main session 2. It started at 8:30 and ended at 8:45. Currently I am debating whether I should take the evening to rest, eat dinner, shower, write and email out grades and comments on the last homework, or prepare for course registration tomorrow morning before Bible study. Hmmm, decisions.

In the meantime, somebody on the Good News team uploaded photos from Tuscaloosa. I am in one of the photos - can you find me?
I still need to post about the work we did, but I will have to again put it off until later.

By the way, before I forget, we had the most beautiful moon here tonight. I looked up, and straight overhead it was hanging, shrouded by a nebula of dark blue, brown, gold, and silver cloud. Ah, the beauties of Creation.
Tags: creation, mission trip, work

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