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Steady, still

There's something about 'steadiness' that intrigues me.

When you sing a slow and simple hymn and hold each note for a breath, not rushing to the next - there's gentle power behind it. When you paint a canvas with bold areas of color, be it straight bars in only two shades - something about the essence and presence of that color lingers on the edge of your mind. A single dull cloud in a dark sky seems to hold some secret to the mystery of the skies.

There's this attraction I have to the concept of steadiness, be it a guard on watch or a rock in a pasteur. In such a fast-paced world, a high-speed culture, a brightly-lit city, something about the weight of darkness and the heaviness of white impresses itself upon me. I mourn over the difficulty I have in concentration. I find it challenging to still my racing mind. If only I could slow down and appreciate the fundamentals of art in this sphere. If I could just find quiet focus.

If I could be still.
Tags: art, scene, sensory, steady

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