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Monday, Spring Term

All I ever wanted was to feel like I
Had done something with my life
All I ever found was you

Those lyrics were in my head today as I walked to school. I almost bumped into a huge Canadian goose because of it! o_O Waa! It cocked its head and then turned and shook its feathers at me, walking off on black webbed feet.

Today was another long day - homework, Java extended TableModel class, Java project presentation, Java textbook reading, 690 TA work in class with JavaScript, cataloging homework, and other such things. Ah, yes, and I needed to get printer paper at the store, so I was lugging it around with me today!^^

Bible study was nice today. Curious how so many things in Daniel 6 reminded us of Easter.

After this, I need to read an article for cataloging. I have three classes tomorrow running from 11-1, 2-5, and 6-9. Before I leave for class I need to finish a chapter in my database textbook, though. Wednesday will be a grading day - it will take all day, I think. Thursday, we meet to update our Java project's interface design. Friday, I will go with my roommate to the Sakler/Freer for her art class assignment. Saturday and Sunday I plan to attend a conference with Search the Scriptures. Sunday evening I will tutor Jae for the art history exam! NARA JAPANESE ART! Oh, Yumechigai-kannon at Horyu-ji is so pretty! Monday this starts over again. I really need to get back to work on the database in Oracle. Also, I should finish the first draft of my paper for cataloging... I should get approval on it before I go too far. Will I have time to get all this done? Suddenly, the semester is all crashing around me! I will continue praying - God helped me this far, even as I am fighting desperately just to keep up to the pace...

Happy music! Give me energy!
Tags: art, music, schoolwork, web dev

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