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Daily Bread - Psalm 16

Daily Bread

Title: Blessed Assurance
Psalm 16
Key verse 11

"You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."

In this Psalm, David sings a song of assurance. He begins by saying that it is God in whom he takes refuge and prays for protection. In the next line, he affirms that all the good things he has been blessed with come from God. God is good and He only gives good gifts. He may withhold things from us at times, but only to make our joy much sweeter.

When I was in Croatia, I just keep praying for time to pass quickly so I could go home again. I missed home so much that my heart was dying inside me. Time took time, and after the days had passed I was able to see my family and my homeland again. I went away as a bitter and dissatisfied person, but returned as a grateful and loving person. I didn't enjoy it, but the result is so much sweeter that what it would have been otherwise.

Truly, God blesses us in ways we do not see. It's like a secret helper who does many kind things for me, yet I do not even realize that anyone is behind it! How sad is the giver until s/he is acknowledged. Let us all acknowledge God, as He asks by the prophet Hosea!

Later in the Psalm, David returns to what the LORD has given him - and he is sure that it is a good and secure inheritance. He praises God for teaching him this faith and rejoices. His faith is firm and unshakable, even when he thinks on death. I hope that my faith can be like this - strong and sure so that my heart leaps within me! May I confess my failures and my shortcomings so as to refine my heart with humility and then accept the grace that is waiting. May I come to the door and admit that I need my Savior - and then dine with him! He is waiting for me.

I should also be waiting for him.

One Word: Life security and pleasantry
Tags: daily bread, psalms

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