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Hope of David, Jehosheba, and Jehoiada

Daily Bread

Title: God Delivers and Anoints
Psalm 18:20-50
Key Verse 46

The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock!
Exalted be God my Savior!

The remainder of this Psalm shows how God gave David the victory. The focus shifts from God to King David, describing David's battles and his rulership in Israel. It continues to be a very vivid description - yet now, not of nature, but of David's personal experience. It shows that the Psalms are not some distant and made up songs. In fact, they come from the heart of the writer based on real life experience. I could write my own Psalms, too, if I took the time.

In addition to this, I wanted to comment on something the Daily Bread said:
To the faithful, God shows himself faithful; to the pure he shows himself pure. He saves the humble, but brings the mighty crashing down. God himself kept the lamp of David burning down through the generations to Jesus.

This last point is very true. During the period of the Divided Kingdom, which followed David's son's rule, there was a time when all the direct descendants of David were massacred. All but one. That one was only a baby, and he was saved by his aunt Jehosheba. It was his own grandmother, Athaliah, who was leading the slaughter.
Jehosheba was a princess and wife to the priest at that time, Jehoiada. She took the baby prince to the temple of God and there they raised him seven years. At the end of those years, prince Joash was revealed and crowned king and his evil grandmother was executed.
Just think on it, though. The only direct descendant of David was preserved through all these seven years while he was still only a child. A child, who cannot even fight back against the whole army who wanted to kill him. God saved him for David's sake -- so that David's lamp might keep on burning and that his line might not end. God used his servant Jehosheba in a mighty way, by establishing her as the priest's wife and thus giving the child a place to hide and grow. How beautiful to think that God preserved this one fragile hope, embracing him under the shadow of His wings at the house of the LORD.
As surely as I sit here, these things happened. This is why I can speak of them. This is why they have meaning.

One Word: God does rescue his people

And now I study while I can and prepare for the retreat events today...
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