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Another day of cosplay planning and no actual doing physical stuff. I studied and was tutored cause it is for class and I figured out two theses for two papers. I guess that is pretty good for one day.
I must say the best was Matt talking about the con and saying all this stuff about dressing as Sopot and or Vamp and ending with < /end sarchasm >
It was cute on the spurr of the moment.
Mom is helping me a lot with ideas for sewing stuff. She is so helful with everything I get myself into ^_^
I haven't talked a lot to Dad this week that I can recall. He is ok, I guess. Just so long as his mind doesnt wander and forget to tell him where it has been (Dad 2002).

I want to be a hunter again
To see Haaalooo again
To take a chance at Master Cheif again
Let me go
Let me charge
Let me kill Master Cheif and his Marines

I love Halo!!! Me and Matt made a "which race from Halo" are you quiz..well, we started it in a notebook, and I just reached that page this week - it was touching *tear* I see myself as a Jackle - hiding behind a plasma sheild, but pretty wimpy after you strip it off me! *hisss*

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