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StS Retreat, Communion, Skating, Struggles

Weekend Retreat with Search the Scriptures, Friday night Ruth.

This weekend was loaded with homework and with fun, too! On Friday, I got to go visit my fellowship at UBF and learn about the book of Ruth with the Young Disciples of Jesus. Fellowship time is always nice, and there were some powerful testimonies shared. There were also jelly beans shared^^ YDJ was, of course, fun :D I was so happy to be studying Ruth some more. It gave me such an appreciation for Boaz. What a gentleman! We also played Bible Jeopardy with women of the Old Testament. I knew some of the answers, but not all that many. In particular, I never seemed to know the answers to the ones when I was up! But my partner, Folake, and I did get one right :D Hooray! The most interesting part was the division into teams by age -- there were so many people who I guessed were either older or younger than they looked. Everybody was surprised to hear how old I was, too^^

Saturday, I spent the day with Search the Scriptures. We first skating!

I had never been ice skating before this day. I was pretty nervous as I laced up my skates as tightly as I could. Then I wondered how I would stand up on them... o_O But somehow I managed and made it to the ice! The ice was very slippery, so I held the wall for about two laps around the ring. Everyone was giving me helpful advice and encouragement! Ellen and Tommy were showing me how to move my feet and avoid other skaters and June and JP skated by me for a while to keep me company. Finally, I ventured out onto the ice without the support of the wall...and I didn't fall down! After that, I was on my way :D I skated around a whole lot! It was so much fun^^ I even chased Tommy around for a lap or two at the very end before I got tired and quit. I can't wait to go again!!

After this, we got dinner at a Tai restaurant. I had never eaten Tai food before this, either. It was a day of firsts! I got the Deep Sea -- a stir fry mix of vegetables, scallions, shrimp, and squid in a curry sauce with rice. It was a little spicy and very delicious. :p

We finished off the evening with fun and games. Justin had never played Scattergories before, so we gave it a try. It was great! Still, Apples to Apples was even more fun. I won one round thanks to the General Patton card in my hand. Yay! We all laughed so hard - such a good feeling, such good medicine.

Today, we went to June and JP's church. They celebrate the 'Communion' in a unique way. Instead of simply taking the bread and wine, they spend about an hour before this reflecting on Jesus Chirst, singing hymns, and praying. Different people, when they feel the urge, will share something or pray. Not everyone has to participate with words, but it is a very "community"-oriented activity. I enjoyed the experience :) The people I met were all so friendly and devoted to Christ. I am so happy that I have met so many fellow Christians this year ^___^

Now I am working on Java project work. I also have a lot of things to take care of - web development and studying with Jae and other such things. Before I go, though, some serious thoughts follow.

City or Country?
Elegance or Nature?
Curse or blessing?

I am still fighting, still holding a false schema. The entities are warped and out of place, yet they are stuck there. If I move one of the blocks, will the rest come crashing down? How do you change your vision from repulsion to attraction? How do you redefine 'meaning'?

I am standing in the middle of two roads. My foot is on neither, yet I have a foot on each.
Two boats, drifting apart. Which will I jump to? Will I simply sink?

I don't feel that it is acceptable, yet I am a hypocrite and have judged it to be 'graceful.' How do I define 'that which is foreign to me' except by something else which is foreign? Why do they wait for my judgment, the ruling of one who cannot see? Oh, it is not that I cannot see, but that I do not want to see.

I am waiting for that which I do not want. No wonder it bothers me so.
Either I must learn to change my desires or I must change my direction. Yet what other path would I choose? The numbers prove my servant-heart; the stars whisper of my love for freedom. So I seek balance or strength? I can only say that I have always sought sincerity.

A koan is simply knowledge with negative space.
Can you solve the riddle?
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