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The wind speaks of ...

News like today's makes me guilty for complaining about my average life. What a sin and an ignorant offense complaining is! I will be taking extra time in prayer tonight.

I remember the Psalm of this morning: "May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble"
I also remember that the Lord Jesus Christ is called "Prince of Peace"... May His peace be upon all those who are struck by this tragedy. May they be blessed with the promise of Isaiah 26:3, kept close under the shadow of His wings.

On another topic, it was so windy in Maryland today that I could barely walk to class. I took steps forward, but it felt more like swimming than walking.

Ah, the words of Children of Dune come to mind... Come to think on it, when he wind roared in that miniseries, it brought both curses and blessings. Hmm.

Tomorrow: cataloging with Dewey, Cold Fusion, Oracle, and more.

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