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Class news - LCSH, JTables, sleepiness

I have been so sleepy lately and I don't know why. I slept in today until 9:30, but even after this I felt like taking a nap at 3:00 this afternoon. So I did. Now it is 8:30 and I am sleepy again. So strange.

Tomorrow's plan is to go on campus early, steal possession of the LCSH books, and catalog! Also, I may stop by the table ministry if I get free of the stacks in time. I had the time to start my third project for Java today. I got as far as the TableCellRenderer and then got stuck. I think I need to pass an argument to my method, but I am not sure what that would be... I emailed the professor, so hopefully she will have ideas. Once I get that fixed, I need to fight with the I/O from the BufferedReader. That is the part that scares me! The rest will just be icing on the cake. Hopefully I can finish in efficient time so I can get more work done on the final project for that class. Also, I keep putting off my paper for 670, but I really need to hammer out a draft of that this week. Finally, there is always the database waiting for me. It lurks in the shadows, haunting me! Once that database is done, I will wipe the dust from my sandals and move on to the next town.

My roommate and I had sushi today for lunch across the street. I was lazy and got plain old cucumber and avocado sushi, but next time I am going for the fun stuff! It's a bit expensive to do very often, though. Then again, when I only eat one large meal a day, I suppose I could spare it :p To my pleasant surprise, I found all kinds of healthy snacks at the Union building -- banana chips, bags of chocolate covered nuts, raisins, dried apples, fresh trail mix, and much more. I will definitely spend the 50 cents on these instead of candy bars from the vending machine!

Upon all this, thoughts of upcoming plans are creeping into my mind. Hmmm. I still have to find my niche...
When I start to feel overwhelmed by such ideas, I need to remind myself that even my temporary work now is not without merit. This is a stop in the adventure, though perhaps a little precarious. David the shepherd and David the king both glorified God by what they did - because David did his work with a heart of love and humility. It is not 'what' so much as 'how'. Oh, I keep reminding myself. Sometimes I wish others would remind me of this, too, since I tire myself out. Then I remember all the people that do. How foolish is man, am I, to grow so selfish and unsatisfied. Why do I keep seeking out that which I don't have and boast that I do not need it?
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