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It works!

I listen to the Fremen song Inama Nushif and want to pass out - it is sooo beautiful - maybe mostly due to the utter magnificent beauty of that scene in the Children of Dune Miniseries.
Well, I added some new pics here as my icons..I was thinking of making all three Dune, but little hurting Frodo was too angtsily cute to give up^^
Anyway - this song is like - the best thing ever to hit my life or something. I should be more obsessed with it, but lemme ensure you, it almost hurts to hear it cause I love it that much XDXDXDXD I don't know what it is but I should sooo make an icon series of it! I neeeeed the DVD!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh! And if I only had the lyrics I could make icons out of the pics avaliable now...maybe I will see what I can find..hmm...I wish there was more out there - come on everybody! Dune is great!
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