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Daily Bread - Psalm 23, school work, summer hopes

Daily Bread

Title: The LORD, my shepherd
Psalm 23
Key Verse 1a

The LORD is my shepherd.

Sometimes, I just want to hide and let others do the fighting. Sometimes, I want to fall back and have someone catch me, lift me up and carry me home. On my own, I am lonely. On my own, I am afraid. On my own, I want someone to lean on.

I am not alone.

I have a good shepherd who is there to protect me from danger, guide me to green pastures, and care for me. He knows my name (John 10:3). I must choose this day whom to serve, whom I will follow, who I will trust (Joshua 24:15). Praise God that He cares so much to do the work of my shepherd for this lowly sheep! May I always be satisfied in the LORD - for besides Him there is nothing which can satisfy. May I trust in God - for He is mighty to save. May I follow after Him - for He has my best intentions in mind (Romans 8:28).
You can become one of His own, too^^ There's no special prerequisites - just a humble heart :)

One Word: My good shepherd


LCSH is, in a word: unwieldy. You know, like the Great Fairy Sword in Majora's Mask or the Goron Sword in Ocarina of Time. Heavy, big, and unwieldy. Especially as I tried to carry them across Gov Docs to sit and leaf through them :p At the same time, they could probably do some real damage! *Chucks a volume at Ganandorf* Take that!

Today, 2 hours of LCSH, 5 hours of Java, 1 sink-full of washed dishes, and 4 loads of laundry later, I want to curl up with my Bible and relax. Zannen! I instead shall do more homework. Oddly, though, my legs are achy. I probably should be drinking more water... >.>

My Java program does not like the idea of having a JComboBox in the JTable cell. Then, when it works a little, it applies itself to the whole column of values! Waaa! Nooo~ Not all questions should have the same answers, silly Column!

When this semester is done I am going to...
-lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by for about a week and love it!
-ride a bicycle
-drink iced tea made with mint from my home's garden
-study the book of Romans with my dad
-cook yummy summer food with my mom
-create XML templates
-clean my room...(whoops)
-read this interlinear Bible
-compose poetry
-play Rome Total War!! Yay!
-rave about geeky stuff with my brother
-arrange a visit to the Tabernacle replica in Lancaster

Only one month left... If this work can just get done in that time...
Now, I better go work on it so it will get closer to being done :)
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