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My Father's attention, other's attention, Dune warnings

A variety of thoughts tonight. Here goes...


As a Christian, there's a lot that I could look forward to. There are vivid promises of mansions and crowns, of fountains and of fruitful trees. I don't want any of this, though. All I want is to sit at the feet of my Creator. That's all I want to do now, too! Is it asking too much?

As a daughter, I enjoy getting nice gifts from my father. When it comes right down to it, though, it's not the gifts that I want, but my dad! I enjoy sitting together with him, even if neither of us says anything. For some, though, this is asking too much. They will give their children gifts of all sorts, but forget how to give the most important gift -- themselves.

I do ask for a lot. I refuse to be satisfied with gifts from my Father. I want Him instead.


I need to remember the message of Dune.

In the beginning, the Fremen people longed that their dream would be fulfilled. They sought the one who would transform their desert into a paradise. When their dream became reality, though, their cries of praise became a curse. Muad'Dib!
There's something about 'things we don't have' that tastes so sweet. Yet, when we finally get that thing, it does not satisfy as it seemed to promise beforehand. I need to remember this. Ideals in my mind will never satisfy me - even if they are fulfilled. There is only One which can satisfy.



There's a special sense of contentedness that comes when someone else takes the time to come find you and engages you in conversation. Maybe I am just lonely. Or maybe I am too shy for my own good :p


Pandora gave me some Bjork! I was trying to find the name of another song, but this will occupy me for a few minutes. I find it interesting that she has a song called "It's in our hands" and another entitled "It's not up to you." I think the balance is important. Again, the lesson of Nehemiah and of Daniel. We trust God to work, but we can't be lazy and sit around and pretending we don't have to work, too.
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