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The Church, the saints, the authors of the Bible

Romans 12:4-5. One body with many members.

I was thinking about this in comparison to the Bible as a whole. One book written by many people. Just as the Bible is made of the inspired word of God through many different people, so believers should do God's work as one body.

Think on it, now.

You have the Law of Moses boldly proclaimed from the mountain tops and the vast deserts. You have the love songs of Solomon, spoken with kindness to his beloved in the season of spring. You have the contemplations of Job, a man left with nothing but his faith. You have also the letters from Peter and from Paul to friends scattered across Asia, Greece, and Israel. You have warnings from Jeremiah, preached at the gate to the temple in Jerusalem. All these were merely people like myself. Well, I mean, they were amazing and holy people, with much more faith than I -- but they were still human. But we tread where the saints have trod. Indeed, the believers are called as saints. What a powerful and encouraging idea! I can claim to be in good company with Moses and the saints because I reduce myself to nothing and put all my hope in Jesus alone. In him, all believers are servants and children of God! May I continue to learn from my brothers and sisters, from those who have gone before and those who are with me now!! :)
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