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Oracle...and a cool computer interface

I am up later than usual. The only reason I stay up late these days is ...Oracle! That's right, I was retyping those SQL statements from before so we can zip up a tidy version of our database. Tomorrow is database day, with work on Cold Fusion, Requirements Analysis, and more. It will take me more than a day to sort through all I need to do on these tasks. Dr. Soergel wasn't kidding when he said:

"Reality is complex. To model it is also complex."

This is my motto for Database Design class.
If we can pull this project together into a clean, concise, and appealing design and implementation, I will be thrilled! We started from scratch, made it through Oracle, and are now onto the writing of scripts for the web-based forms and reports. What a challenge!

In other class news, I had my last lecture in 790, Building the Human-Computer Interface. I am sad to see that class come to an end. It is so enjoyable! During our last lecture session, we got to watch this cool video clip. It is a really creative interface that mimics our real-life interaction with paper documents. You can stack, sort, shuffle, and crumple up your digital documents all with smooth mouse motions. Woah! I want to try this...The cool Interface

There was more that I wanted to type about, but I have long since forgotten what it was. For now, I will get my shower and then go to bed and prepare for 10am Bible study tomorrow. I should stay up and do more database work; but when I have a full two weeks to go, I am not that desperate...yet...
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