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I found the song and it's translation here - I may love solving languages but I am not good enough yet to do it this well ;) :D

Inama Nushif

For Best Results: Be Sure to Listen To Your Copy of Brian Tyler's Soundtrack As You Read

"Though we deem the captive dead, yet does she live.

For her seed is my seed and her voice is my voice.

And she sees unto the farthest reaches of possibility.

Yea, unto the vale of the unknowable does she see because of me

Let it be deemed the captive lives,for the seed is our seed.

He sees far off in the possibilities and remains calm over the memories of grief.

Let it be thought of the captive,precious seed of my seed,

The desert weeps for the profound grief of the prevented voices.

In The Original Fremen:

Inama Nushif

Inama nushif, al-asiri ayi
Lianni zeratha zerati.
al ir huda alman albaid
aya libarri adam alam.
Inama nishufa al asiridar
inufis zeratha zerati.
Kali bakka tishufa wahad
al'ir huda amon a gawlih.

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