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Holy ground, ...and Truly

Tonight, Tunde said something interesting. He said he was going to approach the study of Scripture with awe because it is holy ground. Holy ground. Like Moses taking off his sandals. I should also have this reverence for God's word, even though it is so easy to take for granted when I have a bunch of copies laying in various parts of my room. Ah, how wonderful is the word of God! I have only begun to taste its sweetness and to grow in knowledge of the one who gave it.

In other news, my Delerium remix CD came in the mail today! Waii~ I am currently listening to it, drinking soda, and enjoying a peaceful hour. This is the set of remixes of the song Truly. It is a really nice combination of styles and it makes me want to buy more Delerium music! ^__^ Even the cover artwork alone is worth the price.

One of my fellowship members tonight was surprised to hear that I am a techno person. I suppose I am not the kind of person someone would normally associate with techno^^ I can't dance, but I enjoy how the songs build up...they ebb and flow like a current. Then they nudge you off a peak and let you fly! There are strong elements of texture, weight, and motion that can be conveyed. It sort of pushes your imagination and tests your patience. If you wait and linger for a while on the edge of a theme, you can come across some pretty beautiful moments.
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