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Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 16:1-22

Daily Bread

Title: Feasts and Celebrations
Deuteronomy 16:1-22

This chapter speaks of three different celebrations that the Jewish people were commanded to observe. First is the Passover, remembering how their firstborn were spared by the blood of the lamb. You could say that Christians also observe Passover, but we call it Easter; and our savior is not the blood of earthly lambs, but the blood of the Son.
The second festival is the Feast of Weeks. This is a festival at harvest time to remember and thank God for his grace. Though He cursed the ground that man would need to work hard to bring forth his crops, He also blesses the harvest so His people may eat and rejoice.
Third is the Feast of Tabernacles. This was celebrated at the end of the harvest, remembering God's wonderful mercy and His plan for His chosen people.

All of these festivals were established with the intent that God's chosen people would remember Him. God could have threatened them and told them to fast as a holiday to remember Him. Instead, He gave His people joyful celebrations - full of food, drink, singing, and happiness! God is pleased when His people rejoice in His goodness.

When people begin to celebrate without remembering God, however, this is very disappointing. I think about our Christmas. So many people forget that it is Jesus who makes Christmas joyful! We get distracted by presents (myself included) and it is hard to focus on God. I pray that God's people might worship Him in spirit, in truth, and remember Him in all our celebrations. May He be first upon our minds during these happy times!

Don't forget -- there is a far greater feast to come, and Jesus has knocked on our door to come to dine with us!!

One Word: Celebrate God!
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