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SQL, you disappoint me

Today, today...

I slept in until 9:00 and then got myself organized. It seems that I will be done with this semester and on my way home May 19! I am really looking forward to that day. As for today, though, I was [fairly] busy at work. I spent most of this afternoon writing my final paper for 670. I think it is coming along -- but it is hard to know just what he is looking for. After a few hours of this, I decided to take a nap. When I sat on my bed, though, I felt rather lonely. So, instead of sleeping, I decided to call gram and pap. I haven't had time to talk to them in months! We had a fun chat! I am looking forward to seeing them again in late May :) We can go sit on their hillside and watch the deer come out of the woods. Also, I miss the cats - Dot and Alice and ol' one-eye, who is also named Snookems. Snookems is kinda grumpy these days, but the other two are quite lovable and fuzzy. They also have weird voices.

This evening I practiced singing with the team. The singing one-by-one took me back to Noh practice! Somehow my voice was very small tonight, though. I know that I would get a rap of the fan on my back for that!

Since getting back, I have been trying to find a way to write an SQL statement that would generate a nice report form, including both 1:N and N:M relationships. While in my mind I am picturing an ideal form, the SQL cannot run it. Instead of giving me a clean layout with Concert name, date, and then all the performers listed, it would give me repeated name and date for each member, since they come from a separate table. When the query pulls the information in from this other table, it repeats the concert data in each row. So the report would be one long repeater - and that is not what I am going for. Ah, SQL, you fail me! There must be a way...but I don't know it. Anybody have any ideas? I don't think any of my friends have secret hidden knowledge of SQL, do they?

Finally, I was inspired to make a Nehemiah icon, but there are very limited pictures of him available for use. I suppose I could use some more colorful icons, though^^ He is hard at work to encourage me not to give up during these last few weeks!
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